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Hooray. You bought a aboriginal Windows laptop and, for whatever rea, the architect was nice abundant to let you go th the accession action yourself instead of hing your arrangement abounding of crapware for you. Aloof kidding. It’s attenuate aback that happens, and affairs a laptop that’s abounding of clutter is one—but absolutely not the only—rea why you ality ap to reinstall your operating arrangement from scratch.

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Assuming you’ve backed up your abstracts and are accessible to cull the activate and restore your laptop to a aboriginal state, reinstalling Windows is both accessible and cathic.

Windows 10 is uredly here. You’ve apparent some of its features, alike heard what it’s like to …

I’ll be walking th the Windows accession action on a Apparent Pro laptop, which ality acquire a few altered options or screens than the laptop you’re using. You can additionally reinstall Windows 10 on a desktop PC, of course, but the screens (or their order) ality be ly altered as well. Don’t worry; you’ll get the gist.

When Windows’ accession action sts up—on my Apparent Pro, at least—Microsoft uses Cortana to say accost and explain a few basal s. It can be a little arrant to acquire your laptop alpha announcement babble at you, so I bound aphasiac Cortana (sorry!) as anon as she begins her monologue. Once she’s done, Windows asks you to affirm your location. Easy. You’ll afresh be asked to affirm the keyboard blueprint you want. I’m accommodating to bet that 99 percent of you will go with the absence option, as you should.

Also, a abrupt aside: Since Cortana is alert during the accession process, you don’t alike acquire to bang on any prompts. Aloof allege the chat in the box you ap to select—like “Skip”—if you ap to set up your operating arrangement lazy-style.

From there, Windows will ask you to affix to a wireless net. Do that, as the operating arrangement can afresh grab all the updates it needs during the accession action to ensure you’re alive the contempo adaptation of Windows. You’ll acquire to affix to your wifi arrangement eventually, unless you plan to use your laptop in the abutting cave, so there’s no aen to not do that appropriate now.

After that, Windows will choke alternating and do some “important setup” things that “just a ent.” Eventually, you’ll acquire to acquire the Windows 10 License Agreement, which you will absolutely not apprehend all the way to the end (or acceptable alike alpha to read). Added “just a ent…” accomplishments tasks will follow.

Windows will afresh ask you if you ap to set up your arrangement for claimed use, or set it up to be managed accidentally by an organization. Odds are acceptable that few of you will be in the closing camp, as your abode will acquire already set up Windows for you and installed important software on your behalf. So, you’re apparently activity to be application Windows with a claimed Microsoft account. Aces that option.

At this point, Microsoft will ask you to urance in with a Microsoft account. If you don’t acquire one, urance up for one. If you do acquire one, urance in with it; this will acquiesce Windows to cull in a dinal of your your settings and alone elements from your antecedent adaptation of Windows—as the OS synchronizes these to your annual automatically. It’s a abundant way to save a little time aback you’re amence up your PC. Also, bond your Windows activation key to your Microsoft annual makes it accessible to re-activate Windows aback reinstalling the OS, abnormally if you fabricated some accouterments modifications.

Since you (hopefully) angry on two-factor affidavit for your Microsoft Account, you’ll additionally acquire to ascribe an emailed or texted cipher afterwards you blazon in your pword. Aloof think; this accessory aggravation keeps you appealing safe from annoying hacking attempts. Great, isn’t it?

Since my Apparent Pro has a congenital that supports Windows Hello—which is both alarming and convenient, I charge say—the OS abutting prompts to set up Windows’ face acceptance affection for easier sign-ons into the operating system. I beam a grin, beam at my laptop’s , and ade on.

As a fallback, in case Windows can’t acquaint who you are, the OS asks you to set up a PIN cipher to log into Windows (an easier band-aid than accounting in your long- Microsoft Annual countersign or pphrase). You can use numbers, ATM-style, or you can use a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols. Your call.


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Done yet? Not quite. Microsoft will additionally ask if you ap to iculation your smphone with your PC. I don’t generally acquisition myself sending things aback and alternating amid my computer and my smphone—since I don’t use Edge on iOS, which is basically all-important in adjustment to acquire this akin of interactivity with your desktop or laptop system—so I tend to skip this . Also, Microsoft is alone activity to argument you a iculation to download an app; it’s not accomplishing annihilation with your buzz dinal above that.

Windows will afresh ask—in my case, at least—if you ap to accomplish Cortana your claimed istant. I don’t use agenda administration on my laptops but, again, if you’re addicted of babble “Hey Cortana” and accepting adtageous advice returned, go appropriate adced and bang (or say) yes.

Finally, Microsoft will ask you about orted aloofness settings you’d like to ysis for your Windows PC. I tend not to blend with them, because I don’t affliction much, but this is area you’ll be able to cast off appearance like “Find my device,” which you should aculate on in case you anytime lose your laptop; Diagnostic data, in case you don’t ap your laptop sending advice to Microsoft about the apps you use or the websites you browse; and “Tailored experiences,” which is Microsoft’s way of peralizing agreeable for you based on what advice the aggregation gleans about your interests and app use.

After that, Windows’ accession action chugs alternating in the accomplishments while you beam at the “ust a ent…” screen, absorption aloof how continued Microsoft things a “ent” absolutely is. At this point, I usually go accomplish cafeteria / a annealed alcohol / action to annihilate some time.

Once Windows is done—which hopefully shouldn’t that long—you’ll go anon into the operating arrangement (with an Edge acceptable awning pulled up, ly). Close that, and let’s acquire some added fun amence up your OS.

If you ap a blast adce about a few of the key settings you ality ap to ae in your adaptation of Windows, ysis out this video. (And attending at that handsome narrator—so amusing and mesmerizing.)

Otherwise, cycle up your shirt sleeves, because we’re diving a t added into the operating arrangement for the blow of this icle.

The aboriginal affair I like to do aback amence up a Windows arrangement is to accomplish ading that it’s absolutely updated—you never know. To do this, bang on the alpha button, blazon “update,” and bang on “Check for updates.” Bang the g “Check for updates” button in the consecutive window. While that runs, bang on Adced Options. In here, you’ll be able to toggle whether you ap Windows to additionally amend added Microsoft icles you’ve installed at the above time, and acquaint you if it’s planning to rest your arrangement as the aftereffect of an update. You can additionally abeyance updates–seven canicule for Windows Home users and up to 35 canicule for Windows Pro users.

Click the aback arrow and bang on “Change alive hours.” Here, you’ll be able to set a time—like your 9–5 b or your adored after- hours—and Windows won’t automatically rest your arrangement for updates during this period.

If you ap to try out Windows appearance afore approved users, bang on Windows Insider Program—in the above Settings window—and bang the “Get sted” button.

Follow Microsoft’s prompts and aces the affectionate of pre-release updates you ap to receive: I acclaim activity for the “Active development of windows” option, rather than aloof fixes and drivers, but application the Slow clue instead of the Fast clue so any afresh apparent bugs don’t bones your system.

Click on the “Home” iculation in the upper-left bend of the Settings window to acknowledgment to the primary Amence screen. There’s a lot to acclimatize here, so I’ll aloof focus on some of the added animated tweaks you can make.

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Head on aback to the absence Windows Settings window and bang on Arrangement & Internet—yes, I’m absence Accessories and Phone. Feel chargeless to comedy about with the above if you ap to set up a printer, acclimatize how abounding curve annal whenever you flick your abrasion wheel, or what autoplay settings Windows should absence to whenever you bung in a accurate device. Buzz is irrelet, as it’s aloof the above “text my smphone a iculation to download Windows apps” amence as before.

Within Arrangement & Internet’s Status tab, you can bang on “Change adapter options” to dig abysmal into your system’s active and wifi capalities—and this is how you’ll set your arrangement to use a sdier DNS service, if you want.

The “Sharing options” iculation is what you’ll use to configure whether your arrangement can be apparent on your arrangement (and whether you ap others to be able to admission your aggregate files or printers).

One little trick: bang on the Change affiliation backdrop to about-face your accepted arrangement amid “Public” and “Private,” in case your wifi—for whatever rea—is set to “Public” incorrectly. This alone affairs if you’ve customized aegis and administration settings abnormally for your browsing in your bounded coffee boutique than your browsing at , which I acclaim accomplishing th in the above Administration options screen.

Elsewhere in Arrangement & Internet, you’ll be able to add wifi nets, VPN services, and accredit aeroplane approach for your laptop as needed. You can additionally set up a adaptable spot, which will let you allotment your laptop’s connection—Ethernet or wifi—with any accessories that wirelessly affix to your laptop.

You can set abstracts banned in the Abstracts acceptance tab if you don’t ap to run over your ISP’s abstracts cap. I additionally like attractive at Overview to see aloof how abundant abstracts I’ve acclimated over the accomplished 30 days. Thanks, Steam downloads.

This one’s a action if you like your computer looking, well, neat. In here, you’ll be able to set your desktop accomplishments (either a distinct annual of a slideshow of images), Windows 10’s emphasis color, what you ap its lock awning to attending like (and what apps, if any, should arise on it), and what you ap both your Alpha Card and Taskbar to attending like.

All of Windows’ Peralization settings are appealing accessible to amount out, but absolutely don’t discount the Alpha tab. You can use “Show added tiles on St” to aggrandize the menu, about-face off suggestions for your acclimated or afresh added apps (if you don’t charge reminders), or alike acquire your Alpha Card go abounding awning whenever you hit the Alpha button—go .

In the Taskbar tab, you can set whether you ap the Taskbar to automatically adumbrate in either desktop or book modes, whether it should use regular-sized or y- buttons,and area it should arise on your screen. Added importantly, the “Notification area” area lets you adjudge which icons should ade your Taskbar, which can advice you aculate it apple-pie if you acquire a ton of apps that aloof consistently ap to arise present in your Windows OS. Bleh.

And if you acquire no charge for Windows 10’s little “People” button—which you can use to added calmly hit up your admired contacts from the Taskbar—you can about-face that off actuality as well.

The important affair you charge to apperceive about Apps is that this is area you go to uninstall that which you no ap on your Windows 10 system.

You can additionally attack to use the Absence Apps tab to set specific programs that Windows should use aback you accessible up ertive kinds of files, but I acquisition that Windows’ accomplishing aloof isn’t as acceptable as it acclimated to be. (Is it me, or is it a lot er to aloof say “I ap Windows to use this third-py app, like VLC, to accessible aggregate it can open.”)

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You can additionally use the Stup tab to see which apps barrage aback your arrangement loads, but I acquisition it easier to aloof cull up Windows’ Arrangement Agreement awning (Type “System Configuration” afterwards you’ve clicked the Alpha Button to acquisition it) and acclimatize stup apps from there.

Since you already set up your Microsoft annual aback installing Windows 10 (right?), there’s not abundant annual tweaking in this section. However, the Email & app accounts tab is area you’ll add third-py accounts from case like Google, Yahoo, iCloud, or added POP (or IMAP) accounts you can access. Aback you add your accounts, they’ll afresh be accessible for Windows’ absence apps to use, like Mail, Calendar, et cetera.

The ever-important Sign-in options tab is what you’ll appointment if you ap to change your system’s countersign or PIN, or to about-face Windows Accost on and off (if applicable). You can additionally set a annual countersign if you’re activity fancy.

If you ap to let ancestors ociates use your arrangement with their own accounts, you can set those up in the Ancestors & added bodies tab. Your will adulation you for amence up affectionate controls, accept me. You can additionally actualize approved arrangement accounts for bodies who aren’t ociates of your , and I acclaim you for actuality the accurate being anytime in absolution accompany or cogent others additionally use your system.

There’s not abundant of a aen to not use Windows 10’s “sync settings” feature, which you’ll acquisition in the agnate tab, as it makes it accessible to set up orted Windows systems with the above settings you apperceive and . If you don’t ap to do that, though, you can configure what gets synchronized—or about-face it off entirely—in this screen.

I adored this area for last, as it doesn’t absolutely administer to annihilation you do with your Windows desktop or laptop if you aren’t a r. And alike if you are, I acquisition Windows’ gaming-specific appearance to be agilely interesting, at , but actuality we go.

In this section, you can adjudge whether you ap to use Windows’ B Bar—that accessible little aculation of shortcuts that makes it accessible to screenss, alpha recordings, and beck broadcasts of your s. You can additionally accredit keys for anniversary of these appearance (if you don’t like Windows’ absence Win Alt whatever setup).

The B DVR amence allows Windows to consistently almanac whenever you’re playing, which is adtageous if you ap to go aback at any point in your affair and accomplish a highlight reel of all your alarming accomplishments.

The Broadcast tab lets you fine-tune the affection of your broadcast’s audio and accommodate video into your stream—just like a absolute Twitch superstar.

The TruePlay tab allows you to accredit Microsoft’s anti- system, which is absolutely optional—and I can’t anticipate of a distinct b off the top of my arch that requires it, anyway.

Oof. Windows is complicated, isn’t it? Alike afterwards this blast course, it feels like I’ve alone aching the apparent of what the operating arrangement offers. Heck, we haven’t alike covered the Control Panel yet, and that’s a lot added options to attending at.

This adviser has hopefully gotten you set up with all the basics; now, you can use all the time you adored to yze all of Windows’ added features, apps, and active agreement menus. Attending for approaching guides that dig alike added into the OS. For now, go acquire some fun with Windows. You’ve becoming it.

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